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Herding Champion Kensmuir Flash is currently visiting with me.
He is the sire of my most recent litter out of Dyna. Flash is a 20.5" 45 lb. black and white male, on loan courtesy of Deb DeGideo of Wedgewood border collies. I was looking every where for a stud dog for Dyna. I wanted a well structured, good tempered dog with bidability and a strong herding drive. I found exactly what I was looking for in Flash. Although he is only trained for herding, he is extremely amenable to being trained. He loves his tennis ball, and working for treats. When he found out I gave treats for every toenail I cut, I couldn't keep him off the grooming table! (I finally had to crate him so I could finish up the other dog's nails)
Flash is a grandson of International Supreme Moss
and a great grandson of Bobby Dalziel's international Supreme Wisp

Flash is OFA good, elbows normal and clear by DNA testing for CEA, TNS, CL.